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Be skilled

Work experience

If you are interested in discussing work experience opportunities within Warwickshire County Council – whether you are a young person or somebody enquiring on their behalf – please email

Please include the dates you/they would like to do the placement and what type of work you/they are interested in. WCC can then identify which service area that may be the best fit for their interests and seek to arrange the placement with that service. Placements are usually a week but can be just a day or two if preferred.   

"Time spent with Warwickshire County Council’s Environmental Team demonstrated the importance of working in an enthusiastic and passionate environment; it provided a valuable insight into exciting future opportunities available and confirmed my ambition to work within the environmental sector. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many employees of the council and discussing their various roles and immersion in a work setting where effective working relationships are crucial to achievement of outcomes was a real added value of this placement."

Read about Alice's work experience with Warwick County Council's Marketing and Communications Teams