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About child friendly Warwickshire

About Child Friendly Warwickshire

What is Child friendly Warwickshire?

Child Friendly Warwickshire will work with children and young people as well as businesses, community groups and council services. The programme is designed to help make Warwickshire as safe, stable and full of opportunity for young people as possible with access to good health, education and other services.

Child Friendly Warwickshire is an open invitation to everyone across the county to work together to make Warwickshire the best place in which to grow up.

Children and young people across Warwickshire have shaped the programme by sharing their views, opinions and aspirations in the extensive Child Friendly Warwickshire survey.

In Spring 2021, children and young people across Warwickshire shared their views, opinions and aspirations in the extensive Child Friendly Warwickshire survey. 

We learned what matters most to them.

And so, Child Friendly Warwickshire will help children and young people:

  • Be heard – have a voice to shape where they live 
  • Be safe – have secure, safe and stable home lives 
  • Be healthy - have access to the health services they need 
  • Be skilled -  enjoy the learning they need to achieve their goals
  • Be happy – enjoy growing up in a green county full of opportunities

Warwickshire aims to be a place where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are visibly engrained across the county. Child Friendly communities have this in common – inspired by the principles and values which are embodied by the UNICEF Child Friendly City initiative. Child Friendly Warwickshire seeks to link up and promote the already strong work happened to promote safety and create learning and employment opportunities for children and young people.