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Be more child friendly

Child Friendly Warwickshire celebrates all the positive things happening which make this county the best it can be to grow up and learn, as well as promoting and encouraging more activities and projects that benefit children and young people. 

There are many good things happening across Warwickshire that support young people.

Every contribution counts and we can all make a difference.

What can you do to be more child friendly?

To get you thinking of ways you can further help our vision, we have some ideas for you to consider:

Be heard – children and young people must have a voice to shape where they live

To enable children’s voices to be heard and listened to, you could:

  • encourage young people to register to vote before they turn 18 years old
  • ask children to contribute ideas and thoughts to changes within your workplace. We have a network of young group forums across Warwickshire. If you would like to work with these young people to shape your service please contact
  • talk to your children or those you work with and understand their hopes and fears

Be heard

Be safe – have secure, safe and stable home lives

To make children feel safe and secure, you could:

  • become a volunteer and give some of your time to children and young people
  • help young people you know to understand and identify risks
  • think about what you could do to make your neighbourhood safe
  • make your home and garden a safe place for children to play
  • help children to understand road, fire, cyber safety
  • encourage organisations and businesses to be foster friendly
  • become a foster carer and make a huge difference to children's lives

Be safe

Be healthy - have access to the health services they need

To ensure children and young people are healthy, you could:

  • Encourage a child or young person to join an afterschool sports club to increase their access to exercise and activities
  • Involve children in meal planning and preparation and talk about healthy eating
  • Know how to spot the signs of mental health - Dear Life

Be healthy

Be skilled - have the opportunity to enjoy the learning they need - leading to the achievements and employment they want

To give children and young people the best opportunity to learn and achieve, you could:

  • work with young people to help develop CV writing skills, provide mock job interviews and feedback
  • chat to children about your own profession/business to build aspiration and highlight different career options
  • encourage them to make the most of all formal and informal opportunities to learn such as work experience, intergenerational activities, higher education, extracurricular pastimes

Be skilled

Be happy – enjoy access to activities and entertainment with safe, secure, green and clean areas in which to play.

To make sure children and young people live happy lives, you could:

  • Sponsor a play area or local activity or consider how you could improve community facilities
  • Help make our parks and play areas cleaner and safer by picking up any litter
  • Instil positive self-image and self-belief
  • Encourage young people to celebrate diversity 

Be happy

Please share your own ideas and experiences by emailing


Children and Young People's Hub