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Warwickshire 2024 Youth Elections - vote now!

How to vote

Voting is really easy and will only take about 5 minutes.

Follow the 3 steps below and that’s it!

Step 1

Read through all of the candidate's manifestos over the next pages.

There are 64 in total grouped by area. Each manifesto tells you a bit about what that young person can do for young people in Warwickshire.

Step 2

Make a note of the THREE young people that you would like to vote for and click on the CAST YOUR VOTE button. 

Step 3

Complete all the sections on the form.

Then you’re done!

For schools and organisations

You can help promote the 2024 Warwickshire Youth Council elections by downloading and printing our elections poster (JPEG, 591 KB)

cartoon bear with an empty speach bubble coming form it's mouth on a purple background

Ready to vote?