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Family Network Meetings - further information

Financial support

Financial support may be offered to extended family or friends to support parents to continue to care for their children safely to avoid them going into care.  The Family Network Coordinator will work with the network members to identify any practical or financial support that may help parents to continue caring for their children.

Examples of what the funding could be used for:  

  • Transport i.e., Petrol, buss pass, railcard, bigger car, car seat for family / friends.
  • Travel i.e flights and or accommodation for family/friends to support parents.
  • Beds, bedding, bedroom furniture, sofa beds for children staying over in the homes of extended family/friends.
  • Access to leisure activities for the children to join in with their families and friends. Days out, swimming, cinema, football, parks, bowling, amusement parks, Sea life Centre etc. 

When CAN’T the funding be used:  

  • The funding cannot go to network members if they hold a child arrangement order or a special guardianship order. 
  • The funding cannot be used to fulfil a gap that another service normally provides.  

When the funding CAN be used:  

  • The family must have a Family Network Meeting to decide how to use the funding. 
  • The funding can only go to network members to assist them to support the family. 
  • A parent must have parental responsibility.