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Family Network Meetings - further information

Information for professionals and agency workers

Family Network Meetings are an independent service for families currently open to Children and Family Services within Warwickshire.

A FNM is a way to bring children, family and friends together to talk about the concerns within their family. Families are given an opportunity to decide how they deal with the concerns in a way that makes sense to ensure that their children are kept safe and well.

Family group conference works well because the family and their friends are supported to find their own solutions to the concerns.

Who can request a Family Network Meeting?

Requests can come from a social worker, family support worker or targeted support officer from WCC Children and Families. In order to submit a request, consent is required from parents/carers with parental responsibility and the child/young person (age appropriate). A wider network of at least 3 additional people is also required for a request to be accepted.

If you are an agency worker and feel a FNM would be beneficial for the family you are supporting, please contact the child/young person’s worker or contact the Family Network Meetings Team via

What is your role as a requester?

The person submitting the request must be available for the duration of the FNM (approximately 2-3 hours). The meeting will be held at a time which is best suited to the family. Should the requester be unable to attend the meeting, they would need to identify another appropriate worker who will attend in their place.

At the FNM the requester will need to:

  • State the purpose for the FNM.
  • Provide clear information about the strengths and concerns. 
  • Give information about ongoing support.
  • Talk about any non-negotiables / bottom lines.
  • Agree the family plan is safe and workable.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions as far as possible.

Families need to remain open at some level of support from WCC Children and Families throughout the duration of the FNM team involvement.

Please note for WCC staff wanting to find out more please see the Family Network Meeting intranet page.