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Targeted Youth Supported Team Hosts Integration Event for Young Refugees and Local Youth


Over the last six months Warwickshire County Council’s Targeted Youth Support (TYS) team has been delivering a ‘Young Refugee Youth Project’ at a Warwickshire hotel. 

The project ran weekly sessions with young refugees, with an emphasis on having fun and informality, that explored identity and culture.   

The TYS team responded to the challenges posed by the diversity of cultures and languages by developing positive and trusting relationships with the young people and their families.  This project culminated in a cross-cultural event attended by over 40 young people from across Stratford and Leamington at the SYDNI centre in Leamington which was described by a 12 year-old attendee as “... the best day I've had since being in the UK”.  

The aim of the event was to promote integration among young refugees and local young people by engaging in fun and meaningful activities. In partnership with the SYDNI centre, the TYS team organised sports and activities which included music and theatre workshops, art project, henna, football, boxing, table tennis, archery and basketball. 


A father of two young people, one of whom attended the event, extended his sincere gratitude to the Targeted Youth Supported team and Warwickshire County Council for their kindness, patience, love, and support during their Young Refugees Project. He acknowledged their generosity and expressed his heartfelt thanks for everything they did to make their stay comfortable and safe. 

Hollie Hutchings, Targeted Youth Support team manager, said “We are thrilled with the success of this event. It's essential that we continue to break down barriers and build bridges. We are proud to support efforts towards a more inclusive community for everyone. Having seen the success of this event, we will put on more integration events in the future and work together to foster positive relationships among our young people.” 

Warwickshire has a proud history of welcoming new arrivals, stepping forward at times of crisis to offer homes and support so families and individual build new lives in the UK. For more information on our TYS team please visit:

youth service



Published: 8th May 2023