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Celebrating Children's Art Day in Warwickshire

Celebrating Children's Art Day in Warwickshire

In celebration of Children's Art Day WCC is delighted to showcase the creative talents and community spirit fostered through two inspiring competitions held during Refugee Week 2024

These competitions invited young people to express themselves through art and poetry, reflecting on themes of home, identity, and the experiences of displaced children worldwide.  

An art and poetry competition, with the theme ‘No Place Like Home’, presented by the Sanctuary Foundation encouraged participants to reflect on the lives of the 43.3 million displaced children globally. This national competition invited children aged 7-18 to share their thoughts on the meaning of home and the challenges faced by children who are forced to leave their own home for reasons out of their control.  

Ephraim, a Year 3 student from Sydenham Primary School in Leamington Spa, was one of the winners with his heartfelt poem.  As part of his prize Ephraim’s poem was read by Sir Jonathan Pryce in a celebration event held at the British Library. Ephraim also received a beautiful glass trophy. 

Reflecting on Ephraim's success, his class teacher, Laura Rastall, commented: "Ephraim's poem being read by Sir Jonathan Pryce was incredibly moving, and we were delighted to watch the live feed from the British Library. The whole school is so proud of Ephraim's achievements." 

The local youth art competition, "Our Home, Our Art," aimed to highlight the artistic talents of local children and young people by inviting them to explore the theme of "Our Home." The competition was organised by Warwickshire County Council.  The winner of this competition was 9-year old Liza, from Leamington Spa, who captured the essence of home and community with exceptional creativity and emotional depth.  

Her artwork stood out among more than 50 entries received from  schools across Warwickshire. The judging panel was impressed by the talent and thoughtfulness demonstrated in the submissions, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry and artistic potential of Warwickshire's youth. 

Cllr. Sue Markham, portfolio holder for Children and Families, expressed her admiration for the young artists and acknowledged the invaluable contributions of schools and teachers: "I’m so pleased that on Children’s Art Day we are able to celebrate the talent and creativity of our young artists. This competition aligns perfectly with our vision for a child-friendly Warwickshire, where every young person is encouraged to express themselves and explore their creativity. The incredible submissions we received reflect the vibrant community spirit and the diverse identities that make Warwickshire such a special place. 

“Our schools and teachers play such an important role in nurturing the talents of our young artists. Congratulations to all the participants, and especially to Liza and Ephraim for their outstanding work." 

You can watch Ephraim and the British Library ceremony in its entirety here:

Published: 28th June 2024