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Warwickshire County Council showcases youth offer

Warwickshire County Council showcases youth offer

The diverse range of youth work opportunities, services and activities available to young people across Warwickshire have been brought together on a new webpage.

The Warwickshire Youth Offer webpage is a comprehensive resource that brings together various opportunities available to young people across the county. These opportunities are provided not only by Warwickshire County Council but also by charities, sports clubs, and other community organisations, ensuring a wide range of accessible options for young people.

The webpage has been launched In line with recently released Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities and is part of the Government’s drive to enhance young people's wellbeing through a robust Local Youth Offer.

Warwickshire County Councillor Sue Markham, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families said: “The Warwickshire Youth Offer is a key element of our commitment to supporting young people’s wellbeing and development,”

“We are so pleased to be able to provide a platform that showcases the extensive activities and services available, encouraging young people and their families to engage and benefit from what our community has to offer.”

The webpage serves as a central hub where young people and parents can discover a variety of opportunities, including holiday activities, health resources, and youth clubs. The Youth Offer is designed to be dynamic and evolving, continually updating to capture new and exciting opportunities for young people in Warwickshire.

To ensure the Youth Offer remains relevant and comprehensive, it will be regularly reviewed by the Youth Offer Team, comprising members of the youth council, Child Friendly Warwickshire, Holiday Activities and Food programme, and the Youth Service. Community feedback is highly valued, and there is a feedback form available on the webpage to collect comments and suggestions.

The Youth Offer supports the aims of Child Friendly Warwickshire to ensure that young people are happy, skilled, heard, healthy and safe.

For more information, please visit Warwickshire Youth Offer.

Published: 10th May 2024