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Information for Friends and Partners

Supporting children and young people

The many clubs and organisations across Warwickshire already bring so much fulfilment and happiness – and we want to do all we can to encourage even more membership of these and to bring even more of them to both rural and urban communities

There are also a number of steps you could take help make Warwickshire even more child friendly:


To make sure children and young people live happy lives, you could:

  • Sponsor a play area or local activity or consider how you could improve community facilities
  • Help make our parks and play areas cleaner and safer by picking up any litter


To amplify the voices of young people you could:

  • Ask children to contribute ideas and thoughts to changes within your workplace. We have a network of young group forums across Warwickshire. If you would like to work with these young people to shape your service please contact
  • talk to your children or those you work with and understand their hopes and fears


To make children feel safe and secure, you could:

  • volunteer and give some of your time to children and young people
  • help children to understand road, fire, cyber safety
  • encourage other organisations and businesses to be foster friendly